What Can I Recycle?

Electronics accepted at our authorized drop-off points

Display Devices

Televisions; computer monitors; professional display monitors; closed-circuit monitor screens; TV with built-in DVD and/or VCR player/recorder; all-in-one (AIO) computers; graphics tablets with display >10'';
portable display devices >10".

Non-Cellular Phones and Answering Machines

Telephones (corded and cordless, VoIP, satellite phones); speaker/conference phones; telephone line answering machines (cassette and digital).

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers (including those acting as servers); computer terminals; thin clients or Nettop computers; desktop/tower servers.

Portable Computers

Laptop computers; notebook computers; tablet computers; netbook computers; minicomputers.

Computer and Video Game Peripherals

Mouse; trackballs; keyboards; keypads; touchpad mouse; media readers; routers/modems; external hard drives; external floppy disk drives; external optical disk drives; numeric keypads; graphic tablets without display; HDMI switches; joysticks; video game console controllers, balance boards, sensors and other input devices; hard drive duplicators; Network-Attached Storage devices (NAS); Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapters (EMTA); bridges, wireless access points, switches, range extenders; cables*; connectors*; chargers*; remotes*; memory cards*; USB keys*; toner cartridges*

*These products are accepted by all authorized drop-off points in EPRA-Québec's network, but are not subject to the EHF.

Desktop Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines, Copiers and Multi-Function Devices:

Desktop printers; camera dock printers; desktop label, barcode, and card printers; thermal printers; desktop scanners; desktop business card scanners; desktop cheque scanners; desktop photo and negative scanners; desktop fax machines; desktop MFDs; toner cartridges.

*Floor-standing devices are not accepted by the program. Please contact the manufacturer.

Personal/Portable Audio/Video Systems

Portable AM/FM and satellite radios; clock radios; portable stereos, including those enabled to connect to wireless Internet; portable tape players/recorders; portable disc (CD, DVD, VHS, Blu-ray, etc.) players/ recorders; MP3 players; portable digital players; docking stations for portable digital players; smartphones and other portable devices; portable docking/compact/folding speakers (wired and wireless including Wi-Fi or Bluetooth); portable cassette or digital audio/voice recorders; headphones, earphones and microphones; headsets (wired and wireless, including Bluetooth); digital cameras; digital photo key chains; video cameras/camcorders; Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs); multi-function satellite radios that include CD, MP3, FM radio or other audio functions; portable scanners (business card/photo negative scanners); portable printers (e.g., portable photo printers ); web cameras; digital frames; portable displays - screen size < 10''; sound, image and wave storage devices; handheld barcode scanners; portable two-way radios/FRS radios/GMRS radios/walkie-talkies/CB radios; handheld video game systems; e-book readers; handheld satellite radio receivers; portable multimedia projectors; handheld GPS receivers designed to be used for leisure or sport (e.g. hiking GPS); HD antennas; baby video monitor and camera systems; audio baby monitors; odometers.

Non-Portable Audio/Video Systems

Video cassette players (VCRs)/video projectors; digital projectors; digital video recorders (DVRs); personal video recorders (PVRs); non-portable disc players/recorders (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.); laser disc players/recorders; cable and satellite digital receivers/set-top boxes; converters; non-portable AM/FM and satellite radios; non-portable combination multimedia players; analog and digital video cameras for home security or other closed circuit home use; amplifiers; frequency equalizers; turntables/record players; audio speaker systems; other digital music recorders/players; non-portable combination cassette; karaoke machines; non-portable multimedia projectors; multimedia players/recorders; audio speaker systems packages; non-portable/non-commercial video game consoles (TV or screen required).

Home Theatre in a Box

Home theatre image, audio and video equipment sold as a package/bundle with a single point-of-sale SKU supplied from one original equipment manufacturer (OEM), including: peripheral audio devices; audio and video equipment sold as a package/bundle that is used in residential and non-residential locations.

Vehicle Audio/Video and Navigation Systems

Aftermarket vehicle audio and video components, including: in-dash radio, DVD, CD and/or cassette players (including those with integrated satellite radio and/or GPS/navigation functions); amplifiers; frequency equalizers; speakers; video player systems; video displays (including those with built-in tuners); rear vision cameras; standalone or in-dash GPS or other navigation systems designed for use in a vehicle (e.g. automotive or marine GPS receivers and components); ceiling speakers; wall recessed speakers.

Cellular Devices and Pagers

Cellular phones, including those offering camera, video recording and/or audio functions; smartphones (cell-enabled); cell-enabled PDAs utilizing touch-screen technology; cell-enabled handheld devices; pagers.