Are you committed to promoting your business while protecting the environment in Windsor ? Recycle My Electronics provides trusted and specialized recycling solutions for business, ITAD, IC&I, and residential recycling.


EPRA/Recycle My Electronics has set the standard for safe, secure electronics recycling for organizations and individuals in Windsor for more than a decade by developing custom recycling solutions for organizations and individuals.

EPRA/Recycle My Electronics, a non-profit organization, based in Windsor , has a network of certified carriers, drop-off locations, and processors. Recycle My Electronics has an excellent track record in the market and has received several accolades.

With over 2,500 approved drop-off locations, Recycle My Electronics works on behalf of 1,400 municipalities and 7,800 stewards in nine regions to remove electronics from landfills and prevent unlawful export by providing rapid and stable electronics recycling.

We work in various regulatory settings and against a challenging logistical backdrop to ensure that things are retrieved, recycled, and managed in a safe, secure, and environmentally sustainable manner.





Windsor  Electronics Recycling


As part of the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, Ontario’s new electronics rule on January 1, 2021.

The bill shifts Ontario to an Individual Producer Responsibility model, monitored by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority.

Manufacturers can choose to include the program’s cost in the price of their products or charge a per-unit recycling/environmental management fee.

EPRA/Recycle My Electronics programs provide manufacturers and people with regular, low-cost services as a non-profit industry organisation with a countrywide platform that keeps prices low. We have extensive insight and a proven track record of meeting or surpassing regulatory compliance standards. You may trust us since our electronics industry has approved us.




Look for the Recycle MY Electronics LEAF when dropping off electronics for recycling. Recycle MY Electronics only works with recyclers that have been verified under the national Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS), which was designed by the electronics industry to ensure that electronics are recycled in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Our Recycler Qualification Office (RQO) verifies the recyclers against the ERS requirements. This ensures that recyclers are maintaining appropriate environmental, health and safety controls and are properly handling all materials to divert electronics from landfill and illegal export, not to mention, conserve the planet – from where you live/work – here in Markham.


There’s plenty of imitators suggesting they support safe recycling, conservation and sustainability. Look for the Recycle MY Electronics LEAF – it’s a registered trademark for to help Canadians identify safe and secure electronic recycling, to ensure you are helping your business, and helping the environment.[/one]





What can I recycle?


  • Recycling Answering Machines and Non-Cellular Phones in Windsor
    • Phones (voice over IP, satellite telephones, corded and cordless); telephone answering machines (analog and digital); conference/speaker phones.
  • Recycling Desktop Computers in Windsor
    • Tower/desktop servers; nettop computers or thin clients; desktop computers (including servers); computer terminals.
  • Recycling Portable Computers in Windsor
    • Minicomputers; mobile computing; tablet pc’s; netbooks; laptops.
  • Recycling Video Game and Computer Peripherals in Windsor
    • Keyboards; joysticks; touchpad mouse; mouse; tracking balls; external optical disk drives; key pads; HDMI switches; numeric pads; media readers; bridges, wireless stations, switches, range extenders; external floppy disk drives; external hard disk drives; Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapters (EMTA); routers/modems; video game controllers, sensors, balance boards, along with other input devices; digital drawing tablets without display; hard disk duplicators; Network-Attached Storage devices (NAS); chargers*; cables*; remotes*; toner cartridges*; memory cards*; USB drives*; connectors*.
      • *These goods are accepted by all authorized drop-off points in EPRA-Québec’s network but are not susceptible to the EHF.
    • Recycling Desktop Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners, Copiers and Multi-Function Devices in Windsor
      • Toner cartridges; desktop telecopiers and copiers; digital desktop scanners; thermal printers; camera dock printers; desktop label, barcode, and card printers; desktop printers; desktop photo and negative scanners; desktop business card scanners; desktop MFDs; desktop cheque scanners.
      • *Floor-standing products are not accepted through the program. Please contact the maker.
    • Recycling Personal/Portable Audio/Video Systems in Windsor
      • Headphones, earphones and microphones; handheld gaming systems; MP3 players; e-book readers; handheld barcode readers; portable displays – 10in screen size and less; digital photo key chains; portable tape players/recorders; portable stereos, including those enabled for connecting to wireless Internet; clock radios; headsets (corded and cordless, including Bluetooth); portable disc (CD, DVD, VHS, Blu-ray, etc.) players/ recorders; docking stations for portable digital players; smartphones along with other portable devices; portable digital players; portable docking/compact/folding speakers (wired and wireless including Wi-Fi or Bluetooth); portable cassette or digital audio/voice recorders; digital camera models; Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs); portable satellite radio receivers; portable printers (e.g., portable photo printers ); camcorders/camera recorders; portable scanners (business card/photo negative scanners); digital frames; portable multimedia projectors; sound, image and wave storage devices; netcams; multi-function satellite radios which include CD, MP3, FM radio or any other audio functions; HD antennas; portable two-way radios/GMRS radios/CB radios/FRS radios/walkie-talkies; odometers; audio baby monitors; baby video monitor and camera systems; handheld GPS receivers made to be used for leisure or sport (e.g. hiking GPS).
    • Recycling Non-Portable Audio/Video Systems in Windsor
      • Laser disc players/recorders; karaoke systems; digital media projectors; cable and satellite digital receivers/set-top boxes; digital video recorders (DVRs); personal video recorders (PVRs); non-portable disc players/recorders (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.); audio speaker systems; non-portable AM/FM and satellite radios; audio speaker systems packages; converters; analog and digital camera recorders for home security or any other closed circuit use at home; video cassette players (VCRs)/video projectors; amplifiers; turn-tables/record turn-tables; non-portable multimedia projectors; non-portable combination multimedia players; non-portable/non-commercial gaming systems (TV or screen required); frequency equalizers; multimedia players/recorders; non-portable combination cassette; other digital music recorders/players.
    • Recycling Home Theatre inside a Box in Windsor
      • Home theatre image, video and audio equipment sold like a package/bundle having a single point-of-sale SKU supplied in one original equipment manufacturer (OEM), including: peripheral audio devices; video and audio equipment sold like a package/bundle which is used in residential and non-residential locations.
    • Recycling Vehicle Audio/Video and Navigation Systems in Windsor
      • Aftermarket vehicle video and audio components, including: video player systems; amplifiers; speakers; frequency equalizers; video displays (including individuals with built-in tuners); standalone or in-dash GPS or any other navigation systems created for use inside a vehicle (e.g. automotive or marine GPS receivers and components); in-dash radio, DVD, CD and/or cassette players (including individuals with integrated satellite radio and/or GPS/navigation functions); wall recessed speakers; rear vision cameras; ceiling speakers.
    • Recycling Cellular Devices and Pagers in Windsor
      • Mobile telephones; smartphones, including those offering camera, video recording and/or audio features.





Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (IC&I) for Windsor .


Let Recycle My Electronics™ assist your business by assisting you with the disposal of your Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (IC&I) e-waste. We’re committed to safely and securely recycling electronic devices and each step of the process.

We will be in contact with you directly to determine the best recycling option suitable for your needs and allows you to meet the requirement to recycle your IC&I E-waste safely and safely. As an industry leader with awards in stewardship and stewardship of top-of-the-line electronics recycling programs, we are committed to the integrity of the electronic recycling process. We back that process up both in writing and through our extensive procedure of balances and checks.

As a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), EPRA/Recycle My Electronics™ is responsible for the safe and secure collection and recycling of electronics on behalf of the Stewards (Producers/Retailers/Distributors) we represent. With the most extensive network of qualified processors and drop-off sites in Canada, we are uniquely positioned to support Ontario companies in meeting all of their IC&I obligations


Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD)


At Recycle My Electronics™, we believe in the integrity of our electronics recycling process. We offer a range of customized solutions of the IT asset disposition (ITAD) that include the white glove pickup service, certified destruction of data, and a full tracking system to assist in the management of Intellectual Property (IP).

We all have sensitive and vital data on our devices, computers, and hard drives. Recycling electronics responsibly via Recycling My Electronics™ programs ensures the security and safety of the destruction of personal data and proprietary intellectual property on your business’s hardware. Our data destruction process is confidential and utilizes advanced technology to erase or physically erase data, hard drives and electronic devices once they have been acquired. Recycle My Electronics™ also certifies in writing after all the data on hard drives, mobile devices, or other electronic devices is deleted and destroyed.


Setting the Industry Standard


Recycle My Electronics™ only works with recyclers who have been verified under the national Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS) to ensure that electronics are recycled in a safe and environmentally sound manner. The authorized processors must adhere to more than 150 strict safety standards to protect their employee’s safety and the environment. EPRA/Recycle My Electronics™ helped develop the Recycler Qualification Office (RQO), which audits the ERS requirements for third-party certification.


Recycle your electronics by using Recycle My Electronics™ You’re contributing to:

  • Ensure safe and secure destruction of personal information stored on the hardware.
  • Assist in the protection of the health and safety of handlers and workers.
  • Recycle electronic waste from Canadian landfills.
  • Stop e-waste from being illegally exported or handled by irresponsible recyclers, reducing environmental concerns for the planet.
  • Recover and recycle resources that can then be reintroduced into the manufacturing supply chain, conserving natural resources.


Recycle My Electronics™ is committed to the integrity of our electronics recycling process. We offer a customized, safe and secure recycling solution to fit your needs, right here in Windsor .


Safe & Secure White Glove Recycling Service for Your Business


By making a single phone call, you can arrange an e-waste collection service for your business. Recycle My Electronics™ offers a dedicated recycling program for white-glove businesses at low-to-no cost and establishes the standard worldwide to ensure safe, secure, and certified data destruction.

Recycling the electronics at your company frees up a storage or office space as well as helping to improve the environment.


Customized Recycling Solutions That Work for Windsor .


In Windsor . Recycling My Electronics™ will work with you directly to discover the best recycling solution that best meets the needs of your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s removing electronic devices from your company or providing wheelie bins or lockable containers, or wheelie bins that are suitable for either short- or long-term electronics collections, Recycle My Electronics™ is your go-to source for e-waste recycling.


Resource Recovery & Recycling


Many materials inside our electronic equipment, including plastic, glass, gold, copper, and silver, can be used repeatedly without losing their characteristics. By recycling your business IT equipment, materials can be recovered, recycled, and put back into the manufacturing supply chain, reducing the need to mine for new resources and reducing our carbon footprint.


Safe & Secure Data Destruction


From beginning to finish From start to finish, Recycle My Electronics™ is committed to the integrity of our electronics recycling process. We guarantee this in writing and by our extensive check and balance system.


Certified Data Destruction


In Recycle My Electronics™, we guarantee the secure and safe destruction of all proprietary and personal data stored on electronics and devices. Our confidential data destruction process utilizes cutting-edge technology to erase or physically delete the hard drives, data, and electronic devices after being collected.

We can provide a written statement certifying that all data on mobile devices, hard drives, or other electronic devices have been destroyed and removed.


Why is it essential to recycle electronics via EPRA/Recycle My Electronics rather than elsewhere? If you donate your electronic devices to EPRA/Recycle My Electronics authorized locations, You’re contributing to:


  • Ensure secure and safe destruction of any personal data that is stored on the hardware.
  • Ensure the safety and health of handlers and employees.
  • Divert e-waste out of Canadian landfills.
  • Prevent e-waste from being illegally exported or handled in a way by irresponsible recyclers, decreasing environmental issues for the planet.
  • Recover and recycle resources to put back into the supply chain for manufacturing Conserving natural resources.


Residential Recycling inWindsor .


Find drop-off areas near your home. Our electronic devices are full of items ranging from plastic and glass to silver, gold, palladium, and copper that have to be recycled and reused, and it’s not been easier so. There are more than 2,500 Recycling My Electronics™ designated collection points across Canada, and the postal code search helps in the process of finding your nearest drop-off point much more accessible.





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