Includes professional and personal drones with audio/video equipment

Altair Aerial, Cheerson, DJI, DROCON, Eachine, Force1, Holy Stone, Hubsan
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  • Not only are drones recyclable through the Recycle My Electronics program, but one of the most common uses of drones in the solid waste and recycling industry has been to take aerial photos or videos of facilities. Within large solid waste and recycling facilities, drones can photograph areas that are less accessible to allow troubleshooting.
  • Over 80% of Canadians polled have at least one end-of-life electronics device sitting at home.

Recycle My Electronics manages end-of-life electronics according to the highest environmental standards at every stage of the recycling process. Once collected and sorted, items are sent to Recycle My Electronics-approved recycling facility for dismantling and the removal of any substances of concern for proper downstream management.

Before safely and securely recycling your electronics with Recycle My Electronics here are some practical tips to secure your data and protect your privacy.

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