Desktop Printing/ Multi-Function Devices, 3D Printers & Printer Cartridges

Printers designed to reside on a work surface, including laser and LED, ink jet, dot matrix, thermal, dye sublimation and “multi-function” copy, scan, fax and print devices. Stand-alone desktop scanners and fax machines are also included in this category.

Brother, Canon, Creality, Dymo, Epson, FormLabs, Fuji, HP, Kodak, Lexmark, Prusa, Ricoh, Ultimaker, Xerox, Zebra
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  • Recovering 10 kg of aluminum by recycling prevents the creation of 13kg of bauxite residue and 20kg of CO2.
  • Even the ink cartridges used in inkjet printers contain small circuit boards which materials can be recovered.

Recycle My Electronics manages end-of-life electronics according to the highest environmental standards at every stage of the recycling process. Once collected and sorted, items are sent to Recycle My Electronics-approved recycling facility for dismantling and the removal of any substances of concern for proper downstream management.

Before safely and securely recycling your electronics with Recycle My Electronics here are some practical tips to secure your data and protect your privacy.

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