Safe & Secure Data Destruction

From start to finish, Recycle My Electronics™ is committed to the integrity of our electronics recycling process. We back this up both in writing and through our thorough system of checks and balances.

Certified Data Destruction

At Recycle My Electronics™, we ensure the safe and secure destruction of all personal and proprietary data on devices and electronics. Our confidential data destruction process uses advanced technology to wipe or physically destroy data, hard drives and electronics once they have been collected.

We provide written certification stating that all data contained on mobile devices, hard drive or other electronics has been completely removed and destroyed.

Visual Confirmation of Data Destruction

Along with written confirmation of the physical destruction of your data, upon request, Recycle My Electronics™ can provide CCTV footage of the entire process. These measures have been put in place as added assurance of our process integrity.

Comprehensive Tracking Process

Peace of mind is more than a piece of paper. That’s why Recycle My Electronics™ employs a tracking process for electronics that combines asset tracking, serial number tracking and visual tracking. This allows for monitoring of your computers, hard drives or other electronics through every stage – from the moment they are picked up to their arrival at our secure facility, and throughout the entire data destruction or physical destruction process. Recycle My Electronics™ certifies in writing that all data contained on mobile devices, hard drive or other electronics is completely removed and destroyed.

Charitable Donations & Reuse

For businesses with mandates and policies regarding charitable reuse donations, Recycle My Electronics™ offer solutions help your business meet its objectives while ensuring complete data destruction. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation, and let us work with you. 

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