Business Recycling

From start to finish, Recycle My Electronics™ is committed to the integrity of our electronics recycling process. We have the customized, safe and secure recycling solution that’s right for your business, including IC&I and ITAD.

Safe & Secure White Glove Recycling Service for Your Business  

With just one call, you can schedule an e-waste pick-up for your business. Recycle My Electronics™ offers a dedicated white glove recycling service for business at low-to-no cost and sets the global standard for safe, secure and certified data destruction.  

Recycling the electronics at your business frees up needed office or storage space while making a positive impact for the environment. 

Customized Recycling Solutions That Work for You

Recycle My Electronics™ will work with you directly to find the recycling solution that accommodates your business needs. Whether it’s simply removing electronics from your business or providing wheelie bins, lockable containers or wheelie bins for short or long-term electronics collection, Recycle My Electronics™ is your one-stop shop for e-waste recycling. 

Resource Recovery & Recycling 

Many of the resources inside our electronics, including plastic, glass, gold, silver and copper can be reused continuously without losing their properties. By recycling your business IT equipment, resources are recovered, recycled and reintegrated back into the manufacturing supply chain – lessening our dependence on mining for new resources and reducing our carbon footprint. 

Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (IC&I)

Let Recycle My Electronics™ help your company with your Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (IC&I) e-waste. We are committed to the safe and secure recycling of electronics and every stage of the process.  

We will work with you directly to find the recycling solution that works for you and allows you to meet your obligation to recycle your IC&I e-waste responsibly, safely and securely. As an award-winning industry leader in stewardship for best-in-class electronics recycling programs, we are committed to the integrity of our electronics recycling process. We back that process up both in writing and through our thorough system of checks and balances. 

As a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), EPRA/Recycle My Electronics™ is responsible for the safe and secure collection and recycling of electronics on behalf of the Stewards (Producers/Retailers/Distributors) we represent. With the largest network of qualified processors and drop-off locations in Canada, we are uniquely positioned to support Ontario businesses meet their IC&I obligations. 

Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) 

At Recycle My Electronics™, we are committed to the integrity of our electronics recycling process. We offer customizable solutions for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), including a white glove pick up service, certified data destruction and a comprehensive tracking process to support management of Intellectual Property (IP). 

We all have important and sensitive data stored on our devices, computers and hard drives. Responsibly recycling electronics through Recycle My Electronics™ programs ensures the safe and secure destruction of personal data and proprietary intellectual property stored on your businesses hardware. Our confidential data destruction process uses advanced technology to wipe or physically destroy data, hard drives and electronics once they have been collected. Recycle My Electronics™ also certifies in writing once all data contained on mobile devices, hard drive or other electronics is completely removed and destroyed.

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Setting the Industry Standard

Recycle My Electronics™ only works with recyclers who have been verified under the national Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS) to ensure that electronics are recycled in a safe and environmentally-sound manner. These authorized processors must meet over 150 stringent safety protocols to protect the safety of both their employees and the environment. EPRA/Recycle My Electronics™ helped develop the Recycler Qualification Office (RQO), which audits the ERS requirements for third-party certification. 

By recycling your electronics with Recycle My Electronics™, you’re helping to:  

  • Ensure the safe and secure destruction of personal data stored on hardware.  
  • Protect health and safety of workers and handlers.  
  • Divert e-waste from Canadian landfills.  
  • Prevent e-waste from being illegally exported or handled by irresponsible recyclers, decreasing environmental issues for the planet.  
  • Recover and recycle resources that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain, conserving natural resources.

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