Rates for E-bikes and E-scooters

How much are the EHF rates effective May 1st, 2022?

British Columbia EHF category/rates for e-bikes and e-scooters, effective May 1st, 2022

e-bikes, e- scooters 20 kg +


e-bikes, e- scooters < 20 kg


How is the program funded?

EPRA British Columbia is funded through Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) that are applied on the sale of all new electronic products regulated in British Columbia. It's not a tax, nor is it a refundable deposit. The EHF on each item in the program is based on the actual cost to recycle the materials contained in the product. All program revenue is used for the collection, transportation and responsible recycling of end-of life electronics as well as program administration.

Is the Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) a tax?

No, the fees paid when purchasing regulated electronic products are industry levied and used to fund the responsible recycling of unwanted electronics through the EPRA British Columbia program.

Where will recycled electronics go?

EPRA British Columbia manages end-of-life electronics according to the highest environmental standards at every stage of the recycling process. Once collected and sorted, items are sent to an EPRA-approved recycling facility for dismantling and the removal of any substances of concern for proper downstream management. All other materials are separated into different streams to recover such parts as metals, plastics and glass so they can be processed into new products.
To learn more about our ERS approved processors, visit: Recycler Qualification Office (RQO)

How does EPRA British Columbia ensure that electronics are recycled responsibly?

EPRA is committed to recycling end-of-life electronic products collected through our network of drop-off locations in a responsible manner that protects the environment as well as worker health and safety. EPRA only works with recyclers who have been verified under the national Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS), which was designed by the electronics industry to ensure that end-of-life-electronics are managed in a safe and environmentally sound manner. This means that all EPRA verified recyclers must be actively processing material that is entrusted to them by EPRA. Further, our Recycler Qualification Office (RQO) verifies the recyclers against the ERS requirements. This ensures that recyclers are maintaining appropriate environmental, health and safety controls, and are properly handling all materials.
To learn more about our recycling verification, visit: Recycler Qualification Office (RQO)

Can a retail outlet become a drop off collection location for e-bikes?

Although it's not a requirement, we'd be happy to connect to discuss retail take back programs should your location wish to participate.

How do I register with EPRA for compliance?

To register with EPRA, effective May 1st, 2022 to carry out your responsibilities under Part II of the Recycling Regulation, please complete the EPRA registration package available.
To learn more about our recycling verification, visit: Steward Compliance Registration

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our call centre by email at infobc@recyclemyelectronics.ca or by phone at 1-888-567-4535.